How long is the party?The standard party is 2 hours. You and your guests will check in at the start time of the party, play in the gym for approximately 1 hour then the party hostess will call you into the party area for the birthday celebration. You will have up to 30 minutes in the party room however you are not required to stay in the party room, as soon as you are finished eating you may return to the gym until the end of the party. The Party hostess will store any items you have until you check out.
Is the party private?No, the party is not private and there may be other parties at the same time, as well as general open gym customers. The parties are generally staggered by at least 30 minutes to avoid overcrowding.
Is the party room private?We are fortunate to have all of our party rooms private.
Will I have access to my party area for the entire length of the party? No, the party area is available to you for up to 30 minutes, this is a scheduled time one hour after arrival. If you require more time please let us know and if possible (meaning another party is not scheduled after yours) we will accommodate this, there is an additional $75 fee per extra 30 minutes.
What do I need to bring with me? You may bring any cake you would like. If you would like for your adult guests not included on your party guest list or siblings of your invited guests that may join but paid separately please provide extra plates, forks, and drinks for those guests. We will provide all plates, forks, napkins, and water for those on your guest list as these guests are covered with the cost of your party. For example, if you have 10 kids that checked in on your guest list we will set the table for 10 kids with large plates (if you ordered pizza or have brought finger food items) or with 10 small cake plates (to be used to serve cake). If you have brought finger foods or ordered pizza along with your cake we will provide both large plates and cake plates to serve those listed on your guest list.
What foods are allowed? Cake, ice cream, and finger foods. Finger foods include sandwiches, sliders, individual snacks, fruit/veggie trays, or chicken nuggets. If you have a question or concern about what you would like to bring please let us know and we can clarify for you.
What foods may I NOT bring in? Please exclude all crock pots or buffet style meals. Avoid strong odor foods such as cooked broccoli or fish. We do not allow outside pizza, this must be ordered through us. We order from papa johns, each pizza is a large (8 slices each) and cost $10 for one topping pizza, specialty pizzas are $15 each.
May I bring in my own pizza? We do not allow outside pizza, this must be ordered through us. We order from papa johns, each pizza is a large (8 slices each) and cost $10 for one topping pizza, specialty pizzas are $15 each.
Can I bring in drinks? Yes you may bring in extra drinks, as long as they are individual serving size, we do not allow drinks that are poured into cups due to spillage. No glass bottles are allowed. If bringing a cooler, please check that it does not leak before entering the facility. We do not provide coolers or ice for guest.
What will be in the party room and what are the decorations provided? Party packages include hand sanitizer, cake cutter, lighter, tablecloths (black), napkins (black), plates (red), forks (black), and balloons (2 bouquets-1 solid red and 2 black masked ninjas on each bouquet).
Can I bring in my own decorations? Yes. The procedure is still the same. Hand your items to your hostess in the party check in upon arrival and the hostess will set them up for you. If you would like to help set up that is no problem. Just let the hostess know at check in and when the room is ready to be set up the hostess will come and get you.
Are there any decorations I can not bring? We do not allow confetti or anything to be hung from our ceilings or taped to our walls. This allows us to keep our facility in top shape for years to come!
How many Children are included in the party? We have two packages: 10 at $250 ($25 per extra child) or 15 at $375 ($15 per extra child). However these packages can be adjusted for those who have less than 10 at $25 per child (5 child minimum)
Are siblings of your invited guests allowed to join the party? Yes, siblings can join the party even if they are not included in the count, however the table décor is planned and set up for the amount of children that are included in the guest list. Therefore if you plan to not include the siblings of your guest in the guest list and have them paid for separately we will not provide place settings for these kids and you might want to bring extra for them. If your guests bring siblings that are not part of the party they must pay for them at the register and at the normal admission rate.
Does Obstacle Warrior Kids provide party favors? Party Favors are not included in the package. Party favors are available for purchase, this will be one of the questions on your questionnaire sent to you the Monday prior to your party. If you wish to bring in party favors those will be stored in our party check in room with you gifts to distribute as your guest exit the gym. This allows for your party favors to actually make it home as your kids have 30 minutes to play after being in the party room.
Are there planned activities for the party? No, OWK does not offer any special activities; the children will play in the gym and the dodgeball area at will. We will call the party in to be served in the party room and when it is time to check out but other than that they have free play. If you wish to have a Ninja Party Coach for an hour during your party you may arrange this on the questionnaire sent to you on the Monday before your party. The fee is $100 for one hour. The coach will work with the kids on the obstacles, give tips, assist and encourage them, play dodgeball with them and bring them all to the party room when it is time to eat.
Is my deposit refundable? Deposits are non-refundable but do apply towards the total cost of the party. If you need to change your party date or time because of unforeseen conflicts please let us know and we can accommodate that.
Do parents and observers need to pay? Only participants on obstacles need to pay admission, sign a waiver and have a wrist band. Observers do not need to pay to be in the gym. This includes babies that are too small to participate.
Can we open presents during our time in the party room? Most children are eager to start playing with their gifts once they open them. Because of this we prefer to store the gifts upon arrival in our party check in to be bagged and taken home. This cuts down on lost or broken gifts, or sad kiddos that have to wait to play with their gifts as we can not allow toys in the gym for the safety of other guests. However if you would like for your gifts to be opened during your time in the party room please let us know and we can make special arrangements.
Can we arrive early? What time do we arrive? You can arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled party time. This time will be in your deposit received email and your final “It’s Party Time” email. Please keep in mind that we set everything up for you therefore there is no reason to arrive prior to your scheduled party.
If I have special needs can parties be customized? Of course, we are always willing to work with people to make their special day a great success. Please let us know what you need and if we can do it we will!
Can my guest and I enter the party room before we are called at our scheduled time? No, each party will be called into their party room one hour after arrival. For example if your party is scheduled to begin at 1pm you will be called into your party room at 2pm. You will have access to your room until 2:30. Please do not enter your party room before being called as your hostess will not have everything ready!