LIL' NINJA CLASSES (AGES 3-5) Or Friday Toddler Time

Class purchases are final and non-refundable.

LIL NINJA CLASS DESCRIPTIONYour lil’ ninja will have fun while learning basic movements in developmental kinesiology. Kids will improve motor skills, grip strength, agility, core strength, balance, climbing, crawling, and running. Each week, our coaches will create a challenging yet fun obstacle course and provide instructions in a playful environment. These classes are designed to be a fun way to help your lil' ninja improve social skills, build confidence, and gain a passion for exercise.

FRIDAY TODDLER TIME (AGES 3 AND UNDER) DESCRIPTION 2 Hrs set aside on Friday mornings for your Toddler to run and play on our small course, imroving their motor skills and balance while also having fun and socializing with other kids! Ages 3 and under only.