day camps ages 2-4September 3rd - December 19th
Tues/Thurs 9-2pm or 9-12pm
*Special introductory rates apply this semester as listed below

$25 supply fee
$40 registration fee

9-2pm Option
$105/month for one day a week
$205/month for two days a week

9-12pm Option
$65/month for one day a week
$125/month for two days a week

EducationThinking skills - use more complex thought through exploration and creating. Reflection and focus without over stimulation allows a child to further their ability to have self control, problem solving abilities, and give license to want to know more.

Language & literacy development - furthers listening, talking, reading, and writing skills. These allow a child to learn new concepts for present and future use.

Reading - a love for reading starts by enjoying what you hear. The use of rhythm and sing song tone in the words of books is important in the early years. We will explore these and look for letters we recognize, sounds we know, and pictures we can connect to experiences.

Writing - This is developed by using different kinds of paper and different utensils (markers, crayons, paint brushes, etc) to encourage scribbles at first and later staying inside a given space. This will further lead to forming specific shapes; later letters and numbers. Writing down verbal stories as the preschoolers create a narrative for a story line is a way to show the importance of learning to write.

Math - In the preschool years is based on exploration of sorting materials, building, using shapes with different textures to compare, clapping out beats to keep count, and connecting those concepts to a number.

Science - Our Tuesday experiments will allow children to observe, ask questions, and predict what might happen. Then they experiment and explain what they've found out.

Creative Arts - Our Thursday creative arts projects will encourage individual expression of feelings and ideas. We will paint, dance, or pretend our way to something unique to your child.
Physical developmentPhysical development - Our obstacles make us uniquely qualified to work their large motor skills by running, jumping, climbing, crawling, throwing, and catching. Using their hands, we will develop fine motor skills as they explore materials like paints, playdough, puzzles, sand, and things to write with.

Social developments - such as sharing, expanding language skills to communicate needs, self control, and respect for other's space are highly important in the preschool years. These skills are learned through play and a friendly learning enviornment with peers under teachers supervision to teach resolving conflict appropriately. For example; we will use PE style games in our gym to learn waiting your turn, working together as a group to meet a goal, and completing a given task.

Emotional development - gives children a better understanading of their own feelings and the feelings of others. Preschoolers need to learn to recognize and manage their own feelings as well as behaviors in an environment that includes the feelings of others. At OWK our goal is to build your child's self-esteem by encouraging them to try new things and keep working at hard tasks.
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